GiGi's View of the World

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Outsourcing Idiocy!

What the hell is wrong with all these companies outsourcing? Especially when these jobs are handled by "furriners" and No I dont apologize for my terms. However, I mean no disrespect to all my friends of foreign origin. Having received a new laptop for Christmas, there were several issues that needed to be fixed. Upon calling HP tech service, of course I got folks from India, whom I could not understand and in turn they could not understand me. I researched the HP website on "chirping" of the notebook, got an explanation which being a lay person did not understand. Now these idiots over there handling my call said, "Oh yes, I can fix that", NOT NOT NOT....... I finally hung up on the 3rd one and tried one more time, and at least this one was a bit more understandable. So following his directions, I LOST EVERYTHING on my laptop. Total idiocy......... So now I reckon I will seek help elsewhere, no more foreign idiots that cannot speak English. I will also re think my pc purchase if I can find a PC that has tech service in the USA, most likely none will. Outsourcing be DAMNED!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wacky weather!

This has been a very strange year overall with all the goofy weather patterns that have changed. The deep south is notorious for tornadoes, as we have 2 tornado seasons. However, all the tornadoes are now up north in states I don't remember ever having tornadoes. Malibu, Ca. had snow, San Antonio and Dallas covered in ice. Nova Scotia actually somewhat warmer than we are here in the deep south. What is it they say about Hell freezing over? Hmmm, maybe Hell did freeze over! My folks in Missouri have 3 inches of ice on the ground and snow tomorrow. The poor folks in Oklahoma, lordy how do they stand being without power so long. The year of hurricanes didn't happen, and the heat has been unbearable. Like I said, "wacky weather"!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


FINALLY! We have reached the 32 week mark for the Pixie's pregnancy. It was a magical date to her and I as now we know she won't have to go the "el jerko" doc in Macon. Last nite before I went to sleep, I kept thinking Lordy let her make it thru the this am when she got up, I was sitting here with my hand in air waiting for a "high 5". Goofy critter that she is decided we should celebrate so I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride, lmao, cuz she is on bedrest til babies come. But that would be a celebration of sorts, cuz we both know it isn't a ride to Macon. She has just realized that she will be able to celebrate Mother's Day this year and shed some croc tears. Yep, now my "baby girl" IS gonna be a Mama too. Ain't life grand!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Visiting Blog World

After reading the hints on Bad Example about entry into the blog world, I decided to follow some of his tips. Spent the afternoon visiting many of the other blogs. I did not know that these doors were open to me and had alot of good laughs, a little sorrow, and very interesting topics. One that I encountered, being the mother of a military daughter, really tugged at my heart strings. Because of Bad Example's tips, I ran into a world I didnt know existed. Parents of military children can go and interact with others. Thanks for all the good tips Bad Example!!
One in particular caught my eyes, which unfortunately I closed in error but thank goodness still had the Official So Brave Song Site open. If you have a couple minutes, go to this website, be sure to have kleenex handy and give a listen to a Moms song. Let's hope that soon all of our families will be re-united and back home again.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Life is Never Boring!!!

A day in the life of this household is never ever boring. First there is "Idiot Dog" who never shuts up whining, man this guy is matter what you do, how you do it, he never stops whining and now "I" have to take him to the vet to see if he can be calmed down. Now mind you this is not my dog, but I will do as the Pixie bids. Then we have the 0ther two critters, my little one, the dominant one til Sasha bares her teeth at him, and our resident watchdog, Sasha. She's a great mutt, easy going but goes totally whacko over squirrels, chipmunks and bees. Then we have two human residents, lol. I am the accident prone one, and the Pixie who isn't far behind me. The Pix is a great learner as exhibited last nite. Getting the ice maker hooked up last week, it hasn't had time to recover and fill the bin yet. Last nite I tell darling daughter there's no ice. So what does she do??? Bless her heart, she sticks her pinky in the ice tray, standing on tiptoes in jammies and housecoat, and lo and behold - her finger gets STUCK!!!!!! OMG, what do i do, I am on phone long distance with folks, hollering gotta go, call ya back later and rushing to the fridge. I have visions of calling 911 and trying to explain how this very preggo woman in jammies on tip toe got her pinky stuck in the ice maker, lmao!!!! However there is one thing the Pixie has done well. She is incubating the babies making another week in the journey, and for this I am so thankful. Been a rough road, but we are traveling well.