GiGi's View of the World

Monday, March 26, 2007

"19 Minutes" excellent read

Now that I have the patio set put together finally, we have been enjoying our morning coffee on the patio, listening to the birds. Its so peaceful and quiet here on the culdesac. We get the morning sun there so you can't stay out long but in the evenings, its a great place to kick back with a good book, and a glass of tea.

My Pixie ordered a book titled "19 Minutes". Oh my gosh, it is an excellent read.
I really don't understand all the hullabaloo about it, as unfortunately this is life as we know it today. From the moment I picked it up, I have been thoroughly engrossed. Now I am looking forward to more books by this particular author.

Not being from here, I check my local news from home about every 2-3 days. Today I read that a young man, 24 yrs old, hung himself on the side of the highway. Even worse is the fact that its a major Interstate filled with commuters and school buses. How awful for all those folks to witness this young man hanging by the interstate. Apparently Depression was the cause. My thoughts and prayers go to the boy's family.

We have really been bogged down by doc visits, and endless feedings, changings, crying and loss of sleep. Wednesday a friend of the Pixie is coming to give her and I a 2 hour outing by ourselves. Sheesh, I am soooooo ready for this. Hopefully going to find some fresh peaches, we are in peach country, so I can make a fresh peach cobbler. Also hope to find some Vidalia onions. Hell, I will look for anything for a change just to be out and free for 2 hours. Duh, but then again this is only March! Guess the fresh stuff will have to wait a bit, lol. Oh well, by the time the new grill arrives, I will have some fresh veggies to cook on it. I am an avid griller and really miss my grill from home so Pixie ordered one for us, guess she will enjoy the vittles coming off of it. Ain't nothing better than a good ole burger or hot dog from the if I could get her to EAT the veggies, it would be a miracle.......

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Time for Bigger Vehicle!

Before I begin this, just to let you know, neither the Pixie nor I are BLONDES!!

We ventured out to Big Lots, looking for a table chairs to put out on the small patio yesterday, riding in her Ford Escape. 2 convertible car seats in back seat for the babies, and the stroller in remaining storage area. We saunter around in the store, picking up this and that, she with the stroller and I with the cart. By the time we got thru and decided we spent enough, we headed to the cashier to pay.
Now mind you, we just bought a boxed set, knowing it will fit in the back of the Escape, and a lightstand for the dining room along with other smaller items. We ask for help in loading the SUV and got a really nice young man to help us. When we get back to the SUV, we both looked at each STUNNED!!!! (We are both redheads!) lol There is NO room for what we bought cuz we forgot we had to load the double stroller back in!!! WE FORGOT WE HAD TO PUT BABIES STROLLER IN THE CAR, lol........BLONDE MOMENT....
Thankfully we got this really nice young man who agreed to help us figure out how the hell to get that crap in the SUV. He struggled and strained to no avail and we finally decided to take everything out of the boxes and PRAY. I bet we tried about 10 different ways to fit it in before success was achieved. Only thing is, now I gotta figure out how to get it all out when we get home. At this point the babies were screaming and fussy, probably in that never ending quest for food, and no doubt wet diapers. She's grouchy, I am grouchy, cuz we both trying to figure out best way and butting heads.

But like all good trying moments in life, it comes to a happy ending. We finally get home, and she unloads babies, while I struggle to get all the contraptions out, and put on garage floor cuz at this moment,the last thing I wanna do is the put the damn thing together cuz I too am hot and thirsty. Dont want no damn formula tho, lol, give me an ice cold beer which I promptly rewarded myself with.

Oh ya, by the way, the patio set is STILL in the garage, lmao!!!!!!

POSTSCRIPT: Pixie bought a minivan today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Enough is Enough!!!!

Ok, this is short but not so sweet, lol....
I been peed on, pooped on and today they BOTH gushed their whole bottle of formula on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Nuff SAID!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Southeastern Tornadoes

No doubt you all have read or seen on tv the disaster that hit Ala, Ga, and Mo.
Watching the storms progress across Ala, my home, I was very glad I wasnt there til it started hitting here in Ga. Since my weather radio was also back in Ala, we had to rely on tv praying we didnt lose it. Well, sure enough, here come the damn storms and sirens......driving us to the closet, the only safe place in this house surrounded by damned old pine trees. Now picture if you can, Pixie recovering with open wound, and I dragging two precious babies out of sound sleep to this little closet in my bedroom. Previously I had lined it with pillows, a radio, battery operated lamps, and a diaper bag filled with formula and other baby necessities JUST IN CASE. I help her in first then hand her the babies and pull pillows all around them, then scamper in myself. All this after sticking my head out of the window to see if i can hear the stupid storm sirens that are way toooo far away. We sit there and sweat a few minutes then curiousity hits me and I climb out to come into the kitchen to see what tv weather is saying. Guess I stayed too long, cuz I hear beating on the wall! Yep, Miss Pixie is calling so I scurry back and get the babies out, then I pull the Pix out, and we all troop back to the kitchen tv. Babies needless to say go back to lullaby land. Around 11pm as she is getting ready to call it a nite, the damn sirens go off again. Geez, repeat performance but all in all, we all survived. My heart goes out to the folks who lost loved ones, and homes. Geez, we got 2 tornado seasons coming but thankfully I now have my wonderful weather radio so I wont be quite as afraid. Gotta be a better way than that tiny closet tho........I will ponder this in the meantime.