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Monday, October 15, 2007

Visiting the "Low Country"

I ventured out on my first trip since arriving back in Georgia, after loss of my hubby. Each day does seem to get a little better and of course, Mick and Mack were my biggest reasons for getting up each morning. The little critters are absolutely a joy to be around. But then we have our moments and feeling the need to get away, I took off for South Carolina's low country, mainly Hilton Head, to visit with my sis and my brother who also came from Kansas. First time I ever remember the 3 of us being together without the folks. They were missed but we enjoyed re bonding after so many years of raising families and being without kids was really great. My first night there I checked into my hotel and left the next morning due the seeing "the bugs" in my room. And I don't mean flies, roaches or whatever but THE BUG! (the one that begins with "S") So if you leave a comment, please dont type that word where I can see it, lol. My sis and her hubby and I relaxed on their deck, ate supper outside and talked, it seems, like forever. That area is so damn dark at nite, reckon they dont believe in night lighting, that my sis turned out to be my chauffeur every day. (specially since I dont have a sense of direction) The next morning as I was checking into the Days Inn, my sis came to get me and my brother and his wife also showed up. We headed to their place, and planned the days menu, and everyone freaked out of the ball games. My sis screaming for Bama and my brother screaming for Kansas State. Bama won but Kansas didnt. Tough day at the ball game for my brother. Bobi had made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce so we had "sketti", garlic bread and key lime pie. Oh yum. We all sat on the deck til long after dark and enjoyed not being pestered by bugs. Guess the ocean breeze keeps them away. Rehashing the ole growing up tales was lots of fun for all 3 of us. Jim and Ruth didnt feel left out cuz they pitched in with their old stories too. I was planning on coming home on Sunday, but we were having such a good time I decided to stay til Monday. Sunday am my brother Pat cooked us a sumptuous breakfast of fried taters, bacon, eggs, and biscuits. OMG he is such a good cook and we all pigged out. Pat and Jim went to play golf only getting back right before dark but I think its because the cart girl kept them "entertained" with the cart wares. In case you all dont know what that is, its called "booze" lol. Bobi, Ruth and I went shopping which isnt my favorite thing in the world to do, but wanted to get something for the boys. Ruth enjoyed seeing all the shops as I dont know if she had been to Hilton Head before. That blew the rest of the afternoon, so we headed back to the house. When the guys got back, we grilled steaks, had a few toddies and stayed much longer than we should have. I believe the trip was good for us 3 kids, for once getting together without sadness being the cause. They were both there for me in July when I needed them, and this time we came together just cuz we could. The trip home wasnt bad at all and my new Saturn Vue really gets good gas mileage. You can bet we won't wait for a long time til we do this again.


  • At 8:56 AM, Blogger BarbaraME said…

    OMG! The "s" bug - that made me laugh!

    I'm so glad your trip was so good - sounds like what the doctor ordered...


  • At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sounds like a great time, I had fun just reading about it. Funny you mentioned the car too, just a couple of days ago I wondered if you two had gotten the Saturns after all.


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