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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tykes in motion!

One set of squirmy arms and legs is easy but two sets is a wrestling match! Geez, this is exhausting......two to the high chair, two to change, two to bathe, two to rock, and best of all: TWO TO LOVE!!! The daily routine be damned with these little critters. They wake up with giggles, play for a while, then scream for food unless I beat them to it, which I try to do. After that it's more diaper changing, bottle making and nap time (if I am lucky, lol). Then more giggles, more playtime and resuming schedule again. But when they look up at you, arms outstretched, or squealing with new found fun and treasures they come across all over the living room floor then the whole schedule can be damned cuz they are so much fun to play with. They have the ability to push the past few weeks to the back of my mind so I now look forward to each morning once again. They both are on the verge of really crawling and then we will be on the run constantly. Here is Mick on the run, cuz Mack is chasing him and Pixie is chasing both of them with the camera. These two critters can move fast even when rolling around on the floor.

We have a huge living room, but let me tell you its wall to wall BABY........thank goodness the Pix is gonna participate in a yard sale and soon some of this will be gone. They have outgrown a bunch of stuff so we gotta make room for more. Ut oh, I am being paged from the nursery, seems the critters just woke up again......Til later!!!!!


  • At 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We are all packed and ready to go....wish we could see Irish and those babies while we are in SC too!! We will see you in just a few days!!!

  • At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Mrs. Who said…

    Oh, they seem so sweet!


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