GiGi's View of the World

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Outside Looking In

It's a miracle of life, giving birth. Being on the outside looking in, watching Pixie experience something I have no knowledge of - twins - has given me new insight and fascination with the differences in one or two children. But the miracle sometimes can go sour on us when we least expect it. So far, this miracle of twins has been a wondrous journey. Fear was instilled in all of us on Monday, when the Pixie was rushed to the hospital with placenta previa. She is still there, and the babies are doing well. This really brings us all down to earth on the reality of life and how fragile it can be. Every day that she stays there in the hospital on bed rest is one more day towards delivering these precious baby boys. Many prayers have been sent her way, by family, friends and strangers. God willing - our boys will come out just fine, healthy and loved!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Memory Book

Thanksgiving has come and gone with another page added to the memory book. Taking a moment to reflect on the past 3 days, a smile etched on my face, I sit back to reflect on what has just passed. Took my Pixie home in hopes that my other two children would come to see her in all her "preggo" beauty. Thankfully they did! As I was putting the doggie beds together downstairs, I looked up when I heard voices and there were my parents snickering over the shocked look on my face. No warning, and hoping to surprise us all, they really pulled it off driving in from Missouri. My 3 grandaughters came running in with open arms to see their Gigi,
which really brought the proverbial tears to these blue eyes. After Thanksgiving dinner, the Pixie held court in the living room with her ultrasound pictures on her lap. To everyones surprise she revealed the secret of the year, BOYS on the way. Having 3 grandaughters, needless to say all were excited. With hugs and kisses, we left heading back to Pixies home praying it wouldn't be another 7 1/2 drive that normally takes only 4 hours. Choosing a different route, we found light traffic, easy driving and time to stop so she could stretch her legs. Needless to say I have a pooped Pixie and a very tired Gigi. On that note I leave you all with a good nite and hope you all had a safe journey home.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving is a time for families, young and old, near and far to join together and celebrate life with each other. Thank God this is one holiday that marketing hasn't found a way to ruin. Sometimes these family traditions are hard to celebrate when families live so far apart, such as mine. So we make do with tons of phone calls, quick, fast and action packed visits crammed with way too many activities. But always in coming home, I feel the love that I missed on a daily basis in regards to hugs, kisses and physical familial contact.

Recently when I called home, my "Mommie" told me she was writing a poem so I asked her to read it to me. Between giggles and tears I asked if I could have a copy to share with my friends. It looks lengthy but give it a read and see if there is something there that you also feel at this special time of year.

Thanksgiving Memories

I miss those years of long ago when our children were still at home.
There was no loud MTV nor constant ringing of a phone.
Name-brand clothing didn't matter, our kids' shoes were made mostly of leather.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner were great because we prayed and ate together.

Most joyous of all were holiday meals, planned several days ahead and studying recipes,
grocery shoppping to make sure everyone would be well fed.
Ah, Thanksgiving Day, that happy day which family holds so dear,
when beloved parents, grandparents and all travel far and near.

To join our home in festivities, nieces and nephews playing with our kids.
The men conversing in the livingroom while we women rattled pans and lids.
Old Tom Turkey was baked, veggies were steaming in my big iron pot and as I carried a pumpkin pie to the dessert table, my lil one asked "Mommie, whatcha got"?

Within an hour we were seated, holding hands in a thankful prayer,
then reverence was respectfully broken when Daddy yelled, "I'm hungry as a bear"!
Needless to say there was vast commotion when to each hand was passed a bowl,
youngsters gobbled mashed potatoes, yams and corn as one pleaded "Please pass another roll".

Tummies were filled with the gourmet meal topped with homemade pie,
dishes were done, we ladies laughed as the men rubbed their bellies with a sigh.
But all good things come to an end, with tearful eyes we bid them farewell
hoping to share another Thanksgiving that only Time could tell.

As I sit here reminiscing of those days gone by-children grown-those wondrous years,
my hand clasps a kleenex, I dab my eyes, but I'm shedding happy tears
For around the corner lurks another Thanksgiving to share with one another,
only THIS time the children will welcome US as precious grandfather and grandmother!

So for all of you so far from your loved ones, Here’s to You!!!!

And to my parents, I LOVE YOU!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Promised pics!

Been very busy couple months but fun. Here is one of my favorite projects, replacing an "ugly"
green floor, which thankfully my sister was here to help with. Shes the pretty blond with the
preggo pixie! After it, is the new floor, hallelujah! No more dark cave in the mornings. More to come in new post.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Pixie says with all the improvements and sewing projects that I am nesting....
Hate to tell her ...... BUT I am feathering her nest cuz she cant!!!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tie your shoes????

As I said before, having been pregnant with one child, this experience of watching Pixie go thru pregnancy carrying 2 has really opened my eyes to how easy we have it with just one child. Yesterday we went shopping for, of all things, a pair of velcro tennis shoes that she could wear to work. Now mind you, she is used to wearing "combat boots" everyday to work. I asked her why the hell she wanted to buy velcro hook tennie pumps and she tells me its getting hard to bend over to tie her boots. Then she looks at me, grins and says "well Mama, its either velcro or you get up at 6am everyday to tie my damn boots" quote and unquote, lol. I responded with

"OMG I havent tied your shoes since you were 5 yrs old"!!!!!!!!!!!

She is now laying down and I am sitting here watching Discovery Health Channel airing a program about pregnant models, and the jobs they are hired for. Today's show mentioned one woman going on a job to show that pregnant women have a hard time tying shoes. Who woulda thunk!!!!!!!!

Fall foliage

Experiencing a drought this summer in the southeast, no one expected to see a colorful fall. Last week when I went home to Bama, things looked dry and ugly, but returning back here this week, it was a gorgeous drive. We live near the end of the Appalachian Mountains, and it was an absolutely breathtaking trip. Vibrant hues of reds, yellows and oranges shining in the sunlight made it hard to concentrate on driving. However, when I hit approximately 38 miles from my destination, traffic overtook my view! It took me 45 min to go 6 miles due to construction. Being sandwiched between miles of 18 wheelers took away the joy of my last few miles. Interstate driving is great til encountering good ole traffic jams.