GiGi's View of the World

Monday, October 30, 2006


The only thing in the world exciting about Halloween is the children. It has never been a favorite holiday for me. Now that I have grandchildren, I can see the fun and excitement in their eyes. So Pixie and I ventured into the world of pumpkin carving which my 3 grandaughters had never done before. Watching them, their little tongues sticking out while concentrating on the carving of their pumpkins, gave me tons of enjoyment. Squeals of laughter, an occasional tear when a slip up occurred finally gave way to big smiles on their faces. Hard to believe a shared moment made a lifetime of memories for Pixie and I. And with that I am proud to share their accomplishment with the world. Not bad for a 2 yr old (which had help), a 5 yr old and a 10 year old!!!!

About Moi!

Having been advised to tell about myself, which I dont do very well, I decided to give it a shot.

I am a mother of 3, grandmother of 3 so far. I always said I would NEVER keep grandchildren cuz I raised mine and now they need to do same, but no one ever told me about the joys of being a Grandmother. Living in Germany for a while, I often heard women being called GiGi which I found meant grandmother and loved it, therefore I am GiGi! During my years of working in and owning a hair salon, I heard all the tales, some not so exciting (oh grandson pooped first time). I promise not to bore you with these little details. In my day and believe me, I am not THAT old (grin!) we never had ultra sounds made available to us. So this wondrous journey is reason for my entry into the blog world. Hope you will join me in this journey. Cooking is one of my passions and being an amateur artist is my other passion.

Enough about me, lets see where this journey takes us, will be interesting!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blog family

Now lets see if I can figure all this out, Pixie is my blog Mom, duh, I am her mother, lol. Then I have a blog grandmother Teresa, with a math genius as my blog aunt. Now can someone figure this out??? Both are younger than me (scratching head here), is there something wrong with this picture. They belong to a group of ladies that have adopted me into their Critter Family which makes me very proud. Such a special group that shared warmth, caring and many packages to Korea to my darling daughter when she was there. Besides all my friends that I have here in cyberland helping with my morale during that lonely time, I cant ask for anything more. THANKS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long Day at the docs!

Pixie had an appointment with the "hi-risk" doc, for some of you who dont know, she is considered a hi risk patient due to age and type of conception. There are doctors and then are "doctors", the kind you know you never want to see again. Well, this guy is one of them, YUCK!
He needs to be on the receiving end of treatment in order to learn how to treat a pregnant female, lmao, wouldnt that be a hoot!!!! If this guy were my doc, he would kissing the back end of a donkey, cuz he sure wouldnt get payment from me. However, on the other hand, I am sure the mom he went to see when our visit was cancelled, was very appreciative. Other than that, we got some beautiful shots of the babies, Baby A weighs 13 oz and Baby B weighs 12 oz and both were sucking their thumbs. Guess they following in mama's footsteps cuz she did same thing. We know what she is having but we arent telling the world yet. Back when I was having kids, we didnt have the luxury of seeing our babies before they were born or find out the sex. What a wonderful and unique experience. Pixie just laid there and giggled at me cuz I was sitting there in AWE!!!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Older parents CAN learn NEW lessons!

Today a whole new revelation has hit me. Its not one that I like, but one that I think all parents, young and old will learn in time. No matter the age of our children, we will always think we know best. BUT sometimes what we think is not what matters. I am not sure I like this new way of thinking but I know its something I must adopt for my own piece of mind, and also to not run my children away from me. So from now on, when I give advice, whether its asked for or just given out of stupidity, please just take what you want from it and throw the rest out of the window. I know I told you that a long time ago, but now I know I will have to back it up with kindness, and not get angry or hurt. When it hurts, its only because I was stupid not to realize that it was because I didnt learn this early enough. And now its time for me to step back and let you lead the way when it comes to your home and family (thank God I never let it interfere before but almost did yesterday). And yes, Mothers of pregnant daughters have hormones too, lol!!!!!!!! I love you dearly.