GiGi's View of the World

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Proud Gigi and babies!

Forgot on earlier post to put my favorite pic of the babies and I right after delivery. This was taken right after birth as I was carrying them to the nursery. The sign behind on me the wall is the Lullaby wall, so new parents or grand parents can ring the lullaby bell for each baby as entering the nursery. We got to ring it twice!!!!!


I know its been 12 days since my last post but Oh my gosh, what a busy 12 days. Our precious little ones are here and keeping Mama and Gigi very very busy. With little sleep on both our parts, just trying to post was last thing on my mind. However, I have few minutes of quiet as I now have Pixie and babies sleeping.

These little gremlins have been keeping us on our toes, just when we think we have them on a schedule, they do a 360 and here we go again, lol!!!! They are adorable, one I call Birdman cuz when he wakes, its like a little birdie, with mouth wide open and hollering loudly. My other one I call Conman, cuz he wants you to think he is hungry, hollering until you put the bottle in his mouth and he promptly goes to sleep. The little stinkers!!!!!!!

Its been a bumpy road cuz Pixie is having some problems but nothing serious thank god, just getting over birthing and her body not co-operating. But we shall persevere, and with strong minds and body will overcome. So send her a prayer please. Can't wait for my girl to get back her vitality and laughter. She is a wonderful person and even with all the crap thrown at her, she is a real trooper and reveling in the joy she feels with her babies. I am very proud of my daughter.
Til next time and can share some happy moments with you all, I bid you adieu!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

All is Well That Ends Well

Today I brought the Pixie and babies home!! Been very interesting day overall but too lengthy to go into right now, as I have a little guy on my lap. More later......

Thursday, February 15, 2007


We now have 2 beautiful baby boys, Mack weighing in at 6lbs 8 oz and Mick weighing in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. Too tired to post more but give me day or two and will fill ya in. They were born on Valentines Day. (not real names)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pre-Delivery Frenzy

Seems to be a common thread amongst my friends and family, that just prior to delivery, we all tend to go on a cleaning frenzy. And for for most, that's written in sand. Well, darling daughter started on her cleaning frenzy yesterday, getting organized, with a little shopping on the walmart motorized cart. I try to walk in front of her so she doesn't run over everyone in the store. However, she was sorely tempted by one rude woman and was wondering if because the lady wore "red shoes" would she be awarded 10 extra points if she ran over her!!! Duh, where does she get all this?? Finishing the errands, she decides to get pampered with a manicure and pedicure for her humongous little piggies, lol. Man her feet are swollen. And she has LITTLE feet, only a size 6. Back to the frenzy, the Pixie gets up this am and decides it's time to clean all the closets out! I am sitting here groaning cuz I want to watch The Price is Right which is my morning wake up ritual, ya ya, I know.......boring! But by the time it's over, my eyeballs are open and I am ready to go. I turn the tv on in her room so I can help cuz she doesn't need to be lifting, or lugging, or dragging. We got a couple loads ready to to go consignment shop for maternity wear, and for her yard sale, which I wonder if she will ever have as the garage is piled sky high with "yard sale stuff". She might just be a millionaire if she ever has it, lol. Oops, I digress again. Now mind you, she is 36 weeks, 3 days into this journey and can topple over at the slightest awkward movement. Makes one wonder how the human body can expand to such proportions. It's just mind-boggling! So with all this activity from the preggo girl, I rush to get her bags by the front door, making sure I am ready to run out the door at the first sign of "this is the moment". Only thing left to do is to make my call list as I have a zillion names she wants me to call right after delivery. Thank God for the puter so I can email and save my poor ear. But yes, for the chosen ones, I have your numbers and I promise to call. And now all the guessing of date, time, weight and length begins. Will be fun to see who wins, but hate to tell ya - there ain't no prize for winning, lol. Maybe next time I post, I can make a big announcement. Anyone got a nerve pill !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Baby Shower Insanity

I had forgotten how much planning, time, and money goes into a baby shower. Last Saturday we gave the Pixie a shower for the babies and it was worth every minute of my time. There were mountains of gifts and gift certificates, enough to outfit an army of gremlins. There is no way I could remember it all without looking at the list so won't even try except to say she was overwhelmed and cried buckets of tears. But let's get to the best part where a bunch of grown women fall back into childhood playing silly games that will make ya run for the nearest bathroom!!!

To begin with, we had to place a paper plate on top of our heads, (groan! I know) and with crayons draw a baby. Then the Pixie got to judge the winner. She didn't know who drew what and with that said, I WON!!! She said she liked mine cuz it looked Charlie Brown (ya, from outer space lol). Next, a diaper was passed around filled with mini tootsie rolls, ya ya ya it looked poopie........ and we had to guess how many were in there. Actually had a 3 way tie on that one. It got really gross after that with 10 preemie diapers being passed around filled with assortment of foods in each one that looked like the real thing. You had to smell, taste, or just guess. You shoulda heard the "oh yuck"s going around. Being totally grossed out, we broke for real food, none of that baby crappiola, and knowing I had plenty was shocked to discover everyone had a hefty appetite after that last game. At that point, a couple of the ladies left and man did they get lucky, cuz they didn't have to participate in the last game.

Now we all know that grown women are smart, and don't fall for foolishness most of the time but I haven't yet figured out what happened to our brains. Maybe the overdose from the poopie diapers turned our brains to mush. Last game was a doozy!!!! There is no way in hell I would post a picture of Pixie or myself in this horrible compromising position on any website. A HUGE glob of vaseline was placed on our nose and we had to bob for cotton balls in a big ole bowl, and BLOW it off our noses. We could not use our hands.......and at this point I will let you all use your imagination. Needless to say there was a run on the bathrooms for tinkle time, lmao!!! Lesson from the shower we learned is: Run for the hills at your next baby shower.....

If you want to see photos go to Pixies website
Past few days I have received some interesting sites to visit and would like to share them with you. How many times has someone told you, "Oh you look just like so and so"? This site won't tell you who you look like but it will tell you how many have the same name as you. So far only 7 people have MY name. My next favorite choice was this site. Took me a minute to figure out what it was, lol. But then I am sorely math "disinclined", lmao!!! The many different websites out there continute to amaze me.