GiGi's View of the World

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Finally we meet!

Back in 2007 I was talking about my friend Ali who lives in Nova Scotia. Well we finally
got the chance to hug in person when she came to Alabama to visit me. Dunno how she got away with it but in her backpack was an 8 pack of Canadian beer, and one extra large suitcase
filled with fresh lobster, haddock, and scallops. Man did we eat good that week. Stessy came with her and both families meshed so well. Of course there was lots of shopping, lots of eating
and lots of company. My son Chris was absolutely fascinated with Ali and Stessy and between him and his fascination there was sooo much laughter. When I had to take her back to the airport, I think I cried halfway home.
I made a promise that I would go there in the spring so in January reckon I will go apply for a passport. Hope I dont have Teresa's experience with flying, lol. Anyway Ali, you can count on it barring illness I will be there.

Been away long time!

There have been so many changes in life these past two years and moves that time flew by with no postings. Gonna try to get back in the groove again. Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas,
not stranded by snow or bad weather