GiGi's View of the World

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One Window to My Life Has Closed Forever....

I have been trying for days to understand how something like this can happen. It only happens to others, not to me, BUT it did! I lost my husband of 37 years on July 9, 2007. The details don't matter, only the terrible sense of loss I have experienced which has totally shocked me. He was 9 years older than me, but even that doesn't matter. What matters is how one gets past this, to form and shape a new future which is totally unknown. Security in life is so vital to everything we do, and now this security is gone so unexpectedly. He was a good man, a good father, and good husband. We had our moments just like all of you do. If there is one lesson that was driven home to me, it's dont take one moment with your spouse for granted. You may get angry, you may have a love/hate relationship but remember that you married them for some reason and you need to hug that reason close to your heart. I still have not gotten past the shock and fear of the unknown, but with my children's help, God willing I will get there. So to all my friends, even tho I haven't been online, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, kind thoughts and best wishes you have extended. Pixie has gone home without me and it's been hard on her not to have my help with the babies but she will persevere. Hang in there honey, it will get better. I will be back after the fog on my window clears.